5 Tips That Get Your Indoor Plants Compliments Galore

Make no mistake about it. Indoor plants can liven-up a room decor instantly. In addition, they clean the air and circulate oxygen. But don’t run out and start buying plants just yet. Not all plants do well when grown indoors.

So, your first step is making sure the plant is of the indoor type. This information can be found on the tag or label attached to pot. Here you’ll find information about its light needs, water requirements and other relevant information. Below are 5 tips to help you enjoy success with any indoor plant your touch.

Ideal Temperature

You want to keep the room temperature consistent year-round. Sudden or frequent changes in temperatures can damage or kill plants.

Avoid Breezy Areas

Keep plants out of breezy conditions. A consistent breeze will quickly dry out a plant’s soil. If your lifestyle or job takes you out of town often, this is an especially important step not to overlook.

Sunlight Needs

Decide how much light the plant needs. Different plants need different amounts of light. To add to that, some will do well with an artificial source, other needs real sunlight. Carefully choose a location based on the plant needs.

Use a Quality Soil

A plant’s general health and growth is directly tied to soil quality. Most of the nutrients a plant needs are absorbed from the medium it is planted in. Quality soil will provide all the nutrients to feed a plant for 3 months or longer.

Proper Watering

Too little or too much water can do irreversible damage to a plant. A good rule of thumb is never allowing the soil to dry out or stay soggy. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, but the safe bet is not to over or underwater.

So much more can be said about keeping indoor plants healthy. However, these five tips are sure to make a success of any indoor plant you try to grow.