Some Things to Note About Indoor Herb Gardening

If you are a fan of natural well being then you should be very much interested in Indoor herb gardening. This is especially the case if your area experiences winter and you have snow falling all over the ground. Also doing it outdoors could backfire if you experience very hot summers which could destroy the plants except for the adaptive ones. It is also possible that the herb you may want to grow is not well suited to your climate stressing the need to engage in indoor herb gardening.

There are numerous advantages associated with having your herb garden indoors which could include a complete control of the environment. The weather will not be too cold or hot, there will no need to worry about a heavy downpour and also the plants will be protected from the harmful presence of pests and insects.

In order to begin the indoor herb gardening adventure, it is important to site a good location. This entails one that has a good supply of light. A sign of poor lighting is where your plants grow leggy and long, the leaves easily drop off for no plausible reason. The pots containing the plants will have to be moved to a convenient location with grow lights if they cannot have access to natural sunlight. The grow lights will provide a total spectrum which is needed for the herbs to have a healthy growth. They can be found in most garden shops around.

Furthermore, ensure that you have the correct containers for your indoor herb gardening project. The pots used should be permeable. It is for this reason that a number of people prefer clay pots or terracotta because these can breathe. Whenever the plants begin to depict yellow at the bottom of the stalk it shows that they are being over watered. The right pots for indoor gardening will have holes at the bottom to maintain the moist nature of the soil and not to keep it wet. Alternatively, you could raise the drainage of the soil by putting a cover of gravel in the pot before adding the soil.

When doing the selection for the types of herbs to use chose herbs that are compact varieties in nature. They will perform well in confined pots. Ensure that you trim your herbs regularly since this will make them grow fuller and thicker.